Hello, World. Have you ever taken a step back and looked at your surroundings and wondered who was crazy, you or the World? I haven’t decided yet, but I think it’s the World. You actually have to be crazy just to survive nowadays. It’s time to start looking at ourselves and question some of our habits. And that is where myhello comes in. Have fun reading!

Are you still there? OK, so you think I am crazy, not the World. Then let me give you some examples, and you think about it:

–driving cars v. walking
–lightbulbs v. sleeping
–plastic v. worms
–using 5 disposable cups in one day, throwing them in the trash, and using 6 disposable cups the next day, and throwing them in the trash. . . Maybe I only used one today, phew :)
–breathing dirty air
–can’t drink out of the river, it’s not safe
–going into a gigantic concrete box with no windows to buy dinner & food
–eating alone in a world with a population of nearly 7 billion people
–eating a piece of food that traveled half-way across the globe, and it’s still fresh. Or is it?
–knowing the news 6,000 miles away, but I don’t know my neighbors’ names

–and on and on. . .

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